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When I met Dr. Flick, I was not in a good way. I was in the midst of a period of profound stress, and suffering from a panic disorder, a worsening case of "leaky gut" syndrome, and extreme fatigue. Right away, Dr. Flick put me at ease and got me into a better place, and we began a healing journey of nearly nine months.
What I came to see was that, like any true healer, Dr. Flick doesn't "heal" so much as facilitate one's inner transformation. That is not to diminish his work but to celebrate it. By helping me get out of my own way and showing me the vast power that resides within my body, Dr. Flick helped me heal myself. His was the guiding voice at my shoulder as I rowed my little boat across dark waters to an island of hope.
By working with Dr. Flick, I became stronger and stronger, my symptoms abated, and I learned how to trust in myself. I returned to New Zealand, got a great job, brought my family over, and returned to my passion, screenwriting. I'm truly the happiest I've ever been. I have no doubt that Dr. Flick's work was a key catalyst in my return to life, to living the life I always dreamed was possible.


For over four months before being introduced to Dr. Flick I was evaluated by no less than six traditional medical doctors, each having their own notion of what was wrong.  I had full X-rays and an MRI done again with no solid direction.  I even had a steroid shot in my spine with zero effectDr. Flick was able to reduce the frequency of my back pain to once in a blue moon and the level of discomfort from and eight to a two and it's remained at bay for over three months.Anyone that knows me will tell you that I'm a conservative traditional guy that does not tolerate BS very well. You can imagine my apprehension with a treatment that is not comprised of medication and or rigorous stretching and or manipulation of the spine.Today I've recommended Matt to no less than four of my family or friends for treatment of a discomfort or ailment.  Yes, they look at me with what I'm sure is the same skeptical look I had when told of the avenue of relief.I live a better life today thanks to the work of Dr. Flick and for that I am eternally grateful.


I went to Dr. Flick on the advice of my brother, who has had tremendous success with specific problems, both physical and cognitive.I've been dealing with physical pain due to injuries involving my Achilles tendon, a heel spur, and degeneration in my shoulder.  In addition, I've been living with anxiety and sleep disorders for a long time.After undergoing Dr. Flick's entrainment process, I began to experience relief in those areas of pain and discomfort, as well as, feeling less anxiety and stress.  With each entrainment session, my pain started to subside for longer periods of time, which enabled me to increase my running distance.  I also began to feel less pain in my shoulders after my workouts in the gym.  I am now able to exercise without the burden of these discomforts, I am more relaxed and calm with my inner feelings, and I have been sleeping better at night as well.I can thank Dr. Flick for bringing to me an awareness of healing that exists outside the boundaries of conventional medicine.To anyone who is contemplating this approach to healing and feeling better, both physically and cognitively, I strongly recommend visiting Dr. Flick to see for yourself.

I have been under the care of various Network Spinal Analysis practitioners on a regular basis for 24 years.  I have enjoyed enormous benefits to my health and well-being, and my commitment to NSA only increases as the years go by.  NSA has helped me release various inhibitors to the free-flow of my vitality: for example, the sense of "burden" that used to weigh my shoulders down or, the numbing "ice field" that armored my core emotional body.  I consider NSA an indispensable part of my self-care routine, akin to taking my vitamins and exercising regularly.When I began working with Dr. Matthew Flick in 2011, I was resigned to the notion that some things are not malleable; I believed that some of my issues were just too constitutionally innate and I would always have to "live with it".  Specifically, this seemed true of the chronic constriction in my mid-thoracic area, a "blockage" that intensified or relaxed with stress, but still was always there, more or less.After a year of working with Dr. Matthew Flick, the constriction resolved entirely.  I was not even aware that Dr. Flick was focusing on that area, although I was aware that his entrainments were very effective in a general sort of way, that I consistently felt "lighter" and "clearer" after each session.I became cognizant that the "constriction" was gone indirectly: I was attempting yet another correction to my dance posture.  Suddenly I realized this effort was working much better than it ever had in my 14 years of studying dance.  And then I understood, with a shock, that it was because my mid-back area did not hurt: the squeezed fist tension was not there anymore!  I am convinced that Dr. Flick's work helped me clear this stubborn and resistant area.  My habit of long term care likely provided the foundation for him to work with, but Dr. Flick is the practitioner who facilitated this major breakthrough.  Thank you for the excellent care, Dr. Flick, I highly recommend your work.

"From my very first entrainment with Dr. Flick, I noticed a change in how my body felt and how I related to the sensations in my body.  I became more aware and more sensitive to how the people around me and the environment affected my attitude, creativity, and moods.  By helping me tap into my own strength and awareness, Dr. Flick helped me walk forward more confidently, and as an entrepreneur and artist, all those qualities are key to my health and success.  I so appreciate Dr. Flick's calm demeanor and positive attitude.  I never hesitate to recommend him to anyone I meet."
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Flick for the incredible gift he's given me - the ability to function again.  After a slip and fall accident two years ago I could no longer enjoy the activities I once did because of the constant back pain.  The intensity of the pain was reduced significantly after my first two visits, and in less than six months had diminished to slight discomfort, becoming only occasional.  Being new to this type of care, I was totally caught off guard when the sessions began to diminish the anxiety and stress levels that had been a constant companion my entire adult life.  I began noticing very subtle changes in my perceptions of what was really important in my life and was finally able to release many of my deep-seeded fears that prevented me from moving forward on my Life Journey.  I am definitely not the same person that I was two years ago.  I have a new sense of priority in my life and I am finally listening to my inner voice and making better physical, spiritual and emotional choices for myself.  I have finally found a deep sense of relaxation and peace within myself.  Dr. Flick embodies a rare combination of technical mastery, extensive experience, energetic connection, sweet personality and compassionate soul - a true rarity in this age of quick, impersonal medical care.  I can only hope that others who have dealt with pain are as fortunate as I have been to meet him and benefit from his extraordinary healing ability.  I'm so happy that my life journey found a pathway to Dr. Flick!"

"I went to a Network Spinal Analysis workshop offered by Dr. Flick and I am SO glad I did.  After dealing with and trying to cope with anxiety and panic attacks stemming from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) for almost 20 years (more than half my life) I figured it couldn't hurt to try.  I wasn't prepared for the results I experienced after each session.  In just 4 sessions, I feel like my body has finally freed itself from what had been plaguing me for so many years.  Now my body doesn't remember how to be anxious or to panic anymore - all I feel is relaxed and calm.  I can't thank Dr. Flick enough for giving me my life back!"

"I want to thank you for all that you have done for me.  Not only have you healed my physical pain in my back, neck and arm but you have helped me emotionally and spiritually.  You are truly a gift from God; I am so glad to know you.  Thank you and your wife, Belinda, for all that you both do for the health of everyone you touch."

Today I went for a walk outside for nearly an hour.  As I walked, I noticed I wasn't having any back pain what-so-ever.  It wasn't all flat, some of it was up hill.  No pain!!!  Wow!  No pain!!  The hills used to be the killer to my back - but not today!  Plus... my breathing was better than ever before.  I used to have lower back pain as I did the dishes and now I no longer have pain.  I used to have to use an inhaler to breathe - now I no longer need the inhalers.I know I need to continue healing.  But... now I can see how far I have come.

"When I first arrived at Dr. Flick's office a year ago, I had been suffering from depression and anxiety my entire life and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 18 years.  I was also in a verbally and emotionally abusive marriage and stressed out on my job.  The first thing I noticed during the treatment was that I could breathe more deeply than I ever had before.  I also noticed tension being released from my body.  Over time I became more and more empowered, finding the courage to end my marriage when marriage counseling failed to lessen the abuse.  I found deep peace, inner strength and confidence.  I was able to feel my feelings and move through them instead of repressing them.  My mental state improved so much that I was able to go off all the antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication that I had been on for years.  I am now able to handle stress without becoming overwhelmed.  I feel younger and more energetic.  People noticed that I look healthier.  I am less hungry and lost 12 pounds effortlessly.  I recently decided to quit my job and relocate to Florida and begin my new life at the age of 49.  With Dr. Flick's help, I have been given the tools to completely transform my life.  I will be eternally grateful for his compassionate care and support.

"I've changed so much since I started going to Dr. Flick that it is difficult to picture where I was back then.  The most profound changes are as a result of a reduction in tension that seems to have dissipated in a variety of ways (removing emotional blocks, aligning the body and learning to be aware of the tension and how make it go away on my own).  The work continues to effect you when you go home from a session.  Your body seems to be learning ways to be helped in whatever ways you need to be helped.  I feel somewhat younger.  I'm taller because I'm standing straighter.  I'm more aware of how I interact with people.  When I perform, the music seems to be coming from a deeper, more connected place than usual.  I seem to be working through all sorts of emotional traumas.  Things that happened years ago pop into my head.  I'm able to "look at" them in an unemotional way.  I call it "Emotional Purging."
Susan G.

"Made me a stronger person - no question about it!  I would be unstoppable if I could get in more!"

"When I began treating with Dr. Flick I had sciatica for so long that my employer gave me a desk top printer so I wouldn't have to walk so much.  Numerous practitioners could not resolve this situation.  Within two weeks with Dr. Flick the sciatica was gone.  ​I am 70 years old and I feel like Dr. Flick has turned back the clock on my body and mind.  I have chosen to make Dr. Flick's care a part of my life and I have been under consistent care for over 2 years.  I continue to experience amazing new results.  Because of working with Dr. Flick I am now truly happy and nothing depressed me.  I now look at unpleasant situations as something to conquer and figure out what to do about it.  I will continue with the beneficial treatments of Dr. Flick forever!"

"I am a different person since I started care.  After 6 months, I realized that I didn't have to be in pain for the rest of my life - my body was healing itself.  The changes I have experienced have had a major impact on my life.  I had very bad seasonal allergies for 30 years.  They were eliminated very early in my treatment.  There have also been emotional benefits.  My sleeping has improved significantly.  I think these changes are huge!"


Dr. Flick's work has given me greater access to my gifts and abilities.  This has helped me provide a much greater level of service to the people I take care of.

"When I came to see Dr. Flick, I was having frequent headaches and experiencing a great deal of stress and tension in my back, neck and shoulders.  My asthma had become so severe that I could not do the things that I loved, including mountain biking and trail running and I had to be on a great deal of medication.  I am a teacher of children with special needs and I was very stressed getting ready for another school year.  The positive changes to my overall physical and emotional health have been tremendous.  I don't know exactly how it works, but during the sessions, I can feel energy in my body moving in a gentle healing flow to exactly the places I need it.  My lungs open up and I am able to breathe deeper than I ever imagined.  My muscles melt like butter, and my body shifts and moves into a completely comfortable position.  I feel such a sense of peace after my sessions.  Stress at work has decreased and I don't feel as if I carry it with me when I go home.  I don't have pain and tightness in my neck and shoulders and my breathing has improved to the point that I have not needed many of my asthma medications in months.  I am sleeping better and have less headaches, but there have been emotional, mental and spiritual gains as well.  The primary relationship in my life has strengthened and grown deeper and more intimate.  I am less anxious and fearful than I have been in the past, and more comfortable in my own shoes.  Making decisions has become easier and I'm making positive
changes in my life with strength and confidence.  I feel so grateful to Dr. Flick and for his work with me.  It has changed my life!" 

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