What is Neurospinal Integration?

 Health and wellbeing are determined by how well our systems adapt and reorganize. Neurospinal Integration contributes to this process by assisting the nervous system in the self-regulation of Neurospinal Tension.  The goal is to create a physiologic state of Optimal Neurospinal Tone which supports the greatest expression of life possible.
Neurospinal Integration is a combination of Network Spinal Analysis, Somato-Respiratory Integration, and Tonal Chiropractic.
Neurospinal Integration engages the nervous system to create unique physiologic responses within the practice member.  This creates sustainable physiologic strategies used to better adapt to whatever challenge or goal the practice member is addressing.


Epstein Techniques

Donny Epstein, D.C. developed and continues to advance Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration.  These techniques are used in our office to help our practice members access and develop sustainable resources for wellbeing.         NSA is an evidenced based approach to wellness and body awareness.  A gentle precise touch to the spine cues the brain to create new wellness promoting strategies.  During a NSA session (Entrainment), two unique healing responses are developed in the spine that are associated with spontaneous release of spinal and life tensions.   NSA is a highly researched and has been shown to create significant improvements in pain, stress levels, and many quality of life indicators. 

Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI)

Somato (Body) Respiratory (Breathing) Integration is designed to offer you new options in your experience of your body and your personal healing.  Through reconnecting a person's breath, touch, focused movement and attention, they are able to experience the body more fully and instantly shift their state of consciousness to one that supports trust for the body-mind and their life experience.     


Tonal Chiropractic

Chiropractic was founded on the concept of tone in 1895.  Current research continues to support and advance the concept of the tonal model.  Tone is the normal degree of nerve tension. To understand this model, think of the strings on a guitar.  The strings are attached to the guitar at each end and then tightened until they are "in tune."  A perfectly tuned guitar can make beautiful music.  A guitar with too much or too little tension on the strings makes less than beautiful music. In a way, Tonal Chiropractic seeks to tune the spine and nervous system.  Too much or too little tension in the nervous system decreases the body's ability to adapt.  When Optimal Neurospinal Tone is present, the body has a better opportunity to heal, advance, and reorganize.      

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